Discussion with mediator

If you have researched the mediation process and have determined that it is the right path for you and your divorce case, then you will need to prepare. You might find yourself wondering, what is the mediation process like? Well, the team at Eiges & Orgel, PLLC has experience guiding our clients through their mediation cases and can help you know what to expect before entering negotiations.


When the mediation process begins, the mediator will introduce themselves to the couple. Sometimes the couple will be together and other times they will opt for separate spaces. In their opening statements, the mediator will lay out the rules and regulations for the mediation process. By having established rules, the mediation process can go much smoother.

Explaining Your Stance

After the mediator introduces themselves and lays out the rules, you will have an opportunity to explain your stance on the issues. For example, you may have specific requests regarding child custody or property division. If this is the case, you will be able to let the mediator know during this time.

Gathering More Information

After you give your opening statement, the mediator will need more information to make informed suggestions to you and your spouse. They may have a list of questions to present to you and your spouse, helping them get a better idea of what other issues may be going on.

Addressing Problems & Suggesting Solutions

Once the mediator has a better understanding of what is going on in your divorce case, they will be able to more directly address the present issues. In addressing any present problems, the mediator will be able to help the parties negotiate solutions. By negotiating the terms of their divorce, couples will have a better chance of being satisfied with their outcomes.

Attorneys Will Be By Your Side

It is important to make the distinction that your mediator and attorney are not the same people; however, your attorney will remain in your corner during the entire mediation process. They will be able to give you advice on the negotiation, as well as help you stay firm on what matters to you. If you need compassionate guidance, give us a call at (347) 848-1850 for a consultation.

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