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Growing in popularity for its effectiveness and flexibility, divorce mediation is a viable option for many couples who are seeking to end their marriage. Divorce can be a difficult process, made more difficult by complicated court proceedings that last longer than is necessary, whereas both parties may want the divorce to end as quickly as possible so they can move on with their lives. Divorce mediation can allow for a timely and cost-effective end to your marriage.

In divorce mediation, you and your spouse will be able to communicate effectively by taking advantage of a process that is more conversation than conflict. Issues can be discussed and resolutions can be decided on with the help of a neutral mediator who can facilitate this kind of atmosphere. If this is the route that you would like to take in dissolving your marriage, we encourage you to get in touch with an attorney at Eiges & Orgel, PLLC today.

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What Issues Will Be Decided in Divorce Mediation?

In order for you and your spouse to negotiate the provisions of your marital settlement agreement, a divorce mediator will be needed. You may be wondering why a mediator is required in these situations if the divorce is uncontested. Just because a divorce is uncontested doesn't mean that both parties are going to initially agree on every factor.

Over the course of several mediation sessions, the couple will decide:

  • How time with the children will be split up
  • How the marital property will be divided
  • How the couple’s debt will be divided
  • How much child support will be paid (if any)
  • How much alimony will be paid (if any)

If the couple is unable to agree on any of these factors or come to an amicable resolution, the divorce may become contested—meaning that these issues will need to be decided by a family law judge. For this reason, mediation is only recommended for couples who are willing to compromise and work together during the divorce process.

Role of the Mediator

The mediator’s role is to assist and guide each party towards a resolution to a family law or divorce matter. The mediator does not decide the outcome, nor do they take sides. They are neutral and unbiased, while creating an environment that is confidential and safe.

Some of the responsibilities of the mediator include:

  • Avoiding conflict of interests and declining mediation services if he or she cannot remain impartial
  • Making reasonable inquiries to determine potential conflicts
  • Maintaining confidentiality at all times
  • Asking additional questions that can help lead each party to amicable resolutions

Our mediator will offer creative solutions to your case, so that each side can come out feeling victorious. Call today for more information, we look forward to hearing from you.

How to Prepare for Mediation

Mediation can be very successful for those who make the effort. Coming prepared to your session, whether it be for divorce or a family matter, is essential to resolving your issues outside the courtroom.

Here are some recommendations on how you can prepare for your upcoming session:

  • If applicable, meet with your attorney prior to discussing anything. They will help guide you on the right path and put your best interests first.
  • Prepare a proposal for the opposing party so that your needs are transparent.
  • Be open to discussing your goals and priorities, while at the same time, open to negotiation from the other side.
  • If minor children are involved, suggest a parenting plan that highlights work schedules, school holidays, etc.
  • Prepare a list of questions/concerns for both the mediator and other party member.

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Usually Take?

The short answer is: it depends. Each case, and every couple, is different. However, mediation usually takes a fraction of the time it would take to get through a contested divorce. In some cases, adversarial divorce proceedings can take years. Conversely, when a couple is willing to work together during mediation, it may be possible for an attorney to prepare the initial draft of their divorce agreement after three to five sessions. How long it takes is really up to the couple.

Is Divorce Mediation Required in New York?

The state of New York has put in place a system that requires all civil litigation to be mediated prior to going to court. This involves divorce cases as well. The intention of this change is to help reduce the backlog of people using the judiciary system. This system is called mandatory presumptive divorce mediation and highlights the importance of mediation for issues pertaining to divorce. While some cases may still make it through to court due to the complexity of the issues at hand, it will still help in the long run by alleviating the overcrowding.

Discuss Your Options with a Lawyer

At Eiges & Orgel, PLLC, we provide divorce mediation services that can help turn what seems to be a long and emotionally distressing time into something that is handled smoothly and quickly. We realize that both parties will not always agree, but this doesn't mean that the divorce has to move to the courtroom. Our mediation attorneys exist so that a reasonable agreement can be reached. If you think mediation is right for you, call an attorney at our firm.

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