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3 Common Mistakes in a High-Asset Divorce
3 Common Mistakes in a High-Asset Divorce

When couples go through a divorce, one of their main concerns is splitting up their property. This is especially true in a high-asset divorce, where there is more on the line. In order to protect your assets, it’s critical to avoid making these costly mistakes. Hiding Assets ...

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    Applying for visitation can be a difficult process. Divorced couples are encouraged to try and reach an agreement that is mutual before taking it to ...

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    If you are in an unhappy marriage, is the only solution a divorce? If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that we want a joyful ...

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  • Frequently Asked Questions about New York Child Custody

    Children are often the most affected when a family breaks. Some people demand sole custody of their kids . Others are more lenient and agree to share ...

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  • What is in the Child's Best Interests

    The overriding concern of parents and the court should be united in a child custody case behind what is in the best interest of the child. However, ...

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  • Are Assets Split 50/50 In New York Divorces?

    When divorces dissolve, parting spouses must appropriately allocate their assets. The question many separating individuals must wonder is if the said ...

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  • Filing For a New York Divorce

    Preparing to get divorced may leave you feeling overwhelmed, but it's normal to have many questions about the entire process. Our New York divorce ...

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    The COVID-19 pandemic is not only putting a strain on family finances, but it is also creating difficulties for those who are quarantined together and ...

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