Is it Good for You if Your Spouse Has an Incompetent Attorney?

Petition for Divorce

Interested in getting a divorce? The first step is to select a qualified NYC divorce lawyer to represent you throughout the duration of your case. With so many New York divorce attorneys to choose from, this can be a task in itself. So let’s assume that both you and your spouse have found attorneys and have begun the negotiation process. During the process, you notice that your spouse’s attorney doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. You may begin to wonder, is this good for me? Does my soon-to-be ex-spouse’s attorney’s incompetence mean that I will fare better in negotiations? Contrary to popular belief, the answer is no.

It works best for each party in a divorce action to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Good attorneys know how to determine the issues that are important and do not waste time on inconsequential matters. They understand the terminology, the law, and the standard issues which have to be addressed in a divorce case. In a complex legal field such as divorce and family law, it is extremely important for an attorney to understand all of the legal nuances involved in a case in order to properly address them.

An inexperienced attorney makes the process difficult. They can drag out the divorce process because they don't know what they are doing, and often end up getting discharged by their client. When a new attorney is hired to continue the case, the new attorney has to take the time to review the discharged attorney's work, and the new attorney may start making new demands. This can significantly lengthen the process and increase costs. Ultimately, you may find that your legal costs will go up as the quality of your spouse's lawyer goes down.

The law office of Eiges & Orgel, PLLC prefers to deal with lawyers that are diligent and knowledgeable. This helps us to deliver better and timelier results to our clients.

To schedule a consultation with a New York divorce lawyer at our firm, please call (347) 848-1850. For your convenience, Saturday appointments are available upon request.

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