Three Unexpected Reasons for Divorce

You might think that communication (or lack thereof) is one of the most common reasons for divorce in the United States. A recent study shows that faulty communication may be just a symptom of another issue. In fact, experts identified a slew of divorce causes that weren't related to communication at all. Three of the most common causes were:

  • Loneliness
  • Children
  • Change

It's true, marriage can fulfill the basic need for companionship. But some marriages don't. In fact, loneliness is a common reason for divorce. Couples who marry to cure this can feel disappointed because marriage doesn't always fix the problem. In a recent article, a clinical psychologist and blogger said that, "Marriage is intended to be a place where two humans share the experience of loneliness." This doesn't mean that partners should feel isolated, but it is important to remember that togetherness doesn't always happen.

While children can make a marriage stronger, studies show that parenting can lead to divorce. According to experts, this happens when one or both parents prioritize their children over their spouse. The result? Misplaced priorities and tension between parents, especially once the children leave the home. Situations like this are a major contributor the grey divorce; the growing occurrence of divorce in couples over 50 years old. Differences in parenting style can lead to serious marital tension as well.

The final – and possibly most surprising – reason for divorce is change. Not change in circumstances, but of character. Many people marry someone that they like. This is reasonable, but it's not the foundation for a lasting marriage relationship. People change, and with that change comes the possibility of divorce. Change can make marriages stronger, but can also damage them if status quo holds the relationship together.

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