Common Visitation Schedule Arrangements

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One of the most important aspects of child custody and divorce is determining an effective visitation schedule or arrangement. This is something that will dictate where the children will be and when. Furthermore, it may also include additional important details, such as pick up and drop off locations. Due to the importance of a visitation schedule, it is essential to understand the potential arrangements that divorcing or separating parents may utilize throughout the year.

Eiges & Orgel, PLLC can help explain what these common schedule arrangements are.

50/50 Custody Arrangements

A 50/50 custody arrangement is one of the most common that parents opt for. It involves each parent spending equal time with the child or children. In fact, the courts will typically strive for this agreement, as children greatly benefit from time spent with both parents. Within a 50/50 arrangement, parents may divvy up time in a couple of different ways.

Alternating Weeks

The first way is that each parent spends one week with the child, and then the other parent has the next week. This arrangement allows for each parent to have quality time with the child without either parent going too long without seeing them.

Two Weeks Each

The second way that 50/50 custody can be arranged is that each parent has the child for two weeks at a time and then they swap. This option may not be as convenient, but it does give each parent more extended quality time with the child.

Alternating Days

Another option for 50/50 custody is that the child spends every other day with each parent. This can be difficult to maintain, as it requires a lot of coordination between both parents.

Work With Experienced Attorneys to Find the Best Option

This is not an exhaustive list of possible 50/50 custody arrangements. For some individuals, there may need to be more customized approaches to the visitation schedule. Furthermore, not all courts will determine that 50/50 custody is best for the children. Sometimes, one parent may receive less visitation time than the other. This will have to reflect in the visitation schedule.

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