Divorce Through the Generations

A photo of a couple split down the middle

A frequently cited statistic in America is that half of all marriages end in divorce, but the data shows that in recent years, the divorce rate has dropped as much as 18%. How do shifting demographics and attitudes play into this decrease?

Baby Boomers

As Boomers came of age in the 1960s and '70s, the US underwent a dramatic cultural shift - particularly in regards to women's rights and opportunities. Women had many more options than getting married and starting a family or pursuing one of a limited number of career paths.

At the same time, a general acceptance of alternative lifestyles and paths made divorce a less stigmatized option for people who felt they had made a mistake by marrying too early, or by marrying the wrong person. This likely led to the eventual explosion in divorces among this generation.

Generation X

As a result of the divorce rate increase among Boomers, Generation X was the first cohort to grow up with divorced parents at significant rates. This led to an overall pessimism about marriage and divorce, resulting in a later age of first marriage. Still, divorce is normalized to this generation, and they consider it an acceptable option if the marriage isn't working out.


Similar to Gen X, Millennials were raised mainly by the late Boomers that got divorced at the highest rates. Concurrently, economic instability contributed to a more cynical view of marriage. Millennials are getting married at lower rates compared to other generations primarily because they want to wait until they are financially stable to take on such responsibility.

However, this generation is also the least likely to judge other people for their choices. As a result, divorce is less stigmatized than ever, even as it becomes rarer.

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