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What Can You Do If Your Ex Violates Your Child Custody Agreement?

What Can You Do If Your Ex Violates Your Child Custody Agreement?

Violating a custody agreement is a serious issue, and could lead to harsh consequences for the offending parent. Not only is it a violation of a court order, but changing custody arrangements can have a severe impact on your child, leading to emotional distress and hurt feelings. In order to handle the situation, consider the following options.

Talk to Your Ex

Try discussing the issue with your child’s parent and see if you can’t come to some sort of agreement. Reminding them of the pain their bringing your child may help them realized the error of their ways, but it may agitate them. Email may be best, because it is documented and can’t as easily lead to an argument as an in-person discussion or phone call. You may also propose a change in custody, if the current arrangement isn’t working out.


Choosing to go through mediation could be a smart, safe way for both of you to discuss the issue of custody and their violation. A third party observer may be able to explain the issue to your ex in a way that you could not, with simple facts and legal support.

File for Contempt

The last option, if your ex continually violates custody and will not cooperate or communicate with you in a helpful manner, is filing for contempt. This will require court time, where you may prove that your ex did not follow the custody agreement and a change in custody is in order. Adjusting custody to allow you to have more time with your child may protect them from any more disappointment and save them any more hurt feelings in the long run.

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