New York Child Relocation Lawyer

Do You or Your Ex-Spouse Wish to Move Out of State?

The relocation process is challenging enough for parents that have filed for divorce, but the legal system in New York presents some additional issues that must be addressed prior to the relocation of a minor child. In any type of relocation proceedings, the family court will be primarily concerned with the effect that the relocation will have on the child.

The court will consider the following:

  • The child's happiness in the current location
  • The motivations of the parent wishing to move
  • The quality of the child's bond with both of their parents
  • The ability to preserve a relationship with the other parent
  • The current child custody agreement that is in place
  • The emotional and physical health of the child
  • The financial consequences of the move

Relocation cases require effective legal representation to ensure that the court hears your side of the story. Whether you are a parent looking to relocate to another city or state, or you oppose the intended relocation of your child, it is essential that you contact a New York divorce attorney immediately to ensure that all the necessary issues are addressed.

Considering the Best Interests of the Child

In any relocation case, the court is required to consider the best interests of the child above all else. While the rights of both parents must also be considered, a family court judge will not rule in favor of relocation if they believe that the move could have a harmful effect on the child. Adjusting to a new community, school, and circle of friends can be difficult for a child—especially if they are supported by a large network of friends and family where they currently live.

In some cases, however, the court may find it beneficial for the child and their custodial parent to “start fresh” in a new city or state. The truth is that every case will be different. Whether you are hoping to relocate with your child or you, as the non-custodial parent, wish to preserve your visitation rights, it is imperative that you seek representation from a NYC divorce lawyer at Eiges & Orgel, PLLC. Our firm has been helping families with complex legal matters for decades.

How Relocation Could Affect Child Custody

Although rare, the court may find that a change of custody would be in the child’s best interest if the custodial parent wishes to relocate. In cases where the child’s ties to the non-custodial parent and their current community are so strong that a long-distance move would be undesirable, the court may agree that the child should be transferred to the non-custodial parent’s custody—rather than forcing the custodial parent to stay put. In other cases, it might be best for the non-custodial parent to move as well; however, the outcome of each case will depend on the circumstances.

Effective Legal Representation for Relocation Cases

For more than 40 years, the family law attorneys at Eiges & Orgel, PLLC have successfully protected the rights of clients involved in the relocation process. We understand that this is a difficult ordeal to be facing, but you can feel confident being in the hands of a firm with the experience to know what to expect and to fully apprise you of your options. We believe in personal attention, and we have the know-how to help you formulate the best possible strategy.

When your future is on the line, you need to be sure that you are doing everything possible to obtain the just outcome that you deserve. We know what's at stake, and we are prepared to go the distance to help you. We are aggressive advocates for the rights of our clients and are not intimidated by litigation. While we will always look to work with the other side, should this not be possible, we will be willing to take a case to court where we will fight for our clients.

Contact a New York child custody lawyer at Eiges & Orgel, PLLC if you or your former spouse is planning on moving away, and you have an existing court order that must be addressed.

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