Frequently Asked Questions: Child Custody

New York Custody Lawyer Answering Common Questions

When dealing with a custody battle, it is likely that you have considerable questions about what you are facing. At Eiges & Orgel, PLLC, we recognize that there is a lot of confusion regarding the custody process and we are prepared to go above and beyond in our efforts to provide our clients with the answers that they need to their most pressing questions. Below, we have both asked and answered some of the most common questions. To learn more, please contact us as soon as possible:

What factors are taken into consideration in a custody battle?

Most commonly, the court will look at the following factors when deciding custody:

  • The age of children and parents
  • The sex of childnre and parents
  • The health of both the children and the parents
  • The lifestyle of both parents
  • The emotional bond between parents and child
  • Each parent's ability and desire to provide a healthy and stable environment

Do courts usually award custody to just one parent?

While this was previously very common, it is not nearly seen as frequently as it was before. Whereas courts used to award sole custody, typically to the mother, it is much more common for courts to award joint custody so that both parents can share the parental responsibility and decision-making power.

What happens if I need to move with my kids?

The relocation of children is a serious legal issue that should be addressed with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer. While most courts are accepting of this type of move, it needs approval and if the noncustodial parent contests it, there will be issues that should be handled by a legal professional.

Will there be drug tests when determining custody?

While this won't happen every single time, it is highly likely that the courts will require both parents to participate in a drug test. By failing to take the drug test, it could result in serious repercussions such as a suspension of visitation rights.

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