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Working through your divorce with as little headaches as possible is a matter of setting goals, staying communicative, and teaming up with a reliable divorce attorney. At Eiges & Orgel, PLLC, our divorce attorneys in Brooklyn prioritize your best interests by providing caring, compassionate, and comprehensive legal advocacy refined throughout 40+ years of collective experience. You can feel confident that your future will be on steady ground after your divorce by leaning on us for representation, guidance, and moral support.

We can discuss your divorce case when it is most convenient for you, including weekends. Contact us at your first opportunity to schedule an appointment.

Here to Help with All Aspects of Your Divorce

Our Brooklyn divorce lawyers are ready to stand by your side or act on your behalf for any concern or step in your divorce process. We know that dissolving your marriage can be difficult, even when you are certain it is the right decision to take yourself to a happier tomorrow. By carrying as much of your case on our shoulders as you want, we hope to make you feel comfortable with how your divorce is developing.

Let us help you with all facets of your divorce, including:

  • Asset division: New York uses a system of asset division based on equitable distribution, which means a fair split, not an even one. Let us fight for your fair share of marital property and keep hard-earned assets in your hands.
  • Child custody: There may be no family law dispute more sensitive than child custody. Our custody lawyers tread carefully yet assertively to secure the parental rights you deserve and keep your child happy.
  • Spousal support: Most divorces will involve spousal support, or money paid from the higher income spouse to the other during and after their divorce. Whether you are asked to pay it or you require the payments to stay afloat, we will be proud to represent and uphold your best interests.

Possible Alternatives to Divorce Litigation

Are you hesitant to file for divorce because you do not want to find yourself in the middle of a courtroom battle? This is an understandable and somewhat commonplace worry for many divorcees. At Eiges & Orgel, PLLC, we have the legal tools and know-how needed to find useful alternatives to divorce that can get the same, if not better, results you would have seen if your case was hard-fought before a family law judge.

Ask our Brooklyn divorce attorneys about these following alternatives:

  • Uncontested divorce: If you and your spouse appear to initially agree on everything regarding your divorce, you might be lucky enough to utilize an uncontested divorce. Without any contests, your case can move much faster through the legal system and your divorce finalization will come sooner than you may think.
  • Collaborative divorce: When cooperation might be possible but your divorce is not uncontested, we can use collaborative divorce to find a fair middle ground. Within collaboration, you, your spouse, and your respective lawyers sit together to discuss a fair divorce decree in a respectful environment.
  • Mediation: In mediation, you and your spouse work towards an agreeable divorce decree with a neutral mediator in the room. Your mediator does not pick sides or make decisions, but does help provide legal guidance and keep conversations on track.

Put 40+ Years of Collective Experience On Your Side

The best satisfaction for our Brooklyn divorce lawyers is knowing we have completed a job well done for our clients. No matter the complications or high-stakes present in your divorce case, we want you to know you can confidently depend on us to do the right thing and protect your best interests from start to finish. For more information about our highly-experienced law firm and your options in divorce, call (718) 866-3937‚Äč or fill out an online contact form. We can schedule consultations on weekends if it is most convenient for you.

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