Should I Date During the Divorce Process?

So your marriage has come to an end and you’re considering entering into the dating scene. One big question remains: is it okay to go on a date while you’re still married?

It’s easy to fall into feelings of loneliness or wanting to try something new, but you should be aware of the consequences dating can have on your divorce before taking action and meeting new people on a romantic level.

Legally Separate from Your Spouse

Before you take the big leap and start dating, you should file for a legal separation from your spouse first. This means you should be living in separate households and can file a petition for separation with the state, before filing for a divorce.

Typically, the court wouldn’t see dating as cheating if you move out and file for separation before you start dating someone new. By filing all of the necessary paperwork, you can avoid costing yourself losses in things that are important to you, like assets or custody if you have children.

Do’s and Don'ts of Dating During Divorce

Once you’ve legally separated and filed for divorce, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Here’s a list of what you should and should not do while you wait to finalize your divorce.

What You Should Do While Dating:

1. Talk to your partner about what they think about dating while you’re divorcing, this can help you reach an agreement on what is acceptable for both parties.

2. Go on dates in groups, being seen out on one-on-one dates could work against you in your case.

3. Go on dates when your children are with your spouse. Bringing new people whose background you don’t know around your children during a divorce could work against you if you’re seeking custody.

4. Make sure your paperwork has officially been filed and you are legally separated.

What You Shouldn’t Do While Dating:

1. After your separation, try not to have any children with the person you’re dating. This can prolong your case and you would likely have to prove the paternity of your baby to the court.

2. Don’t introduce your children to your date unless you know your date’s background. You want to keep your children’s best interests as a priority, especially if you want to avoid a custody dispute.

3. Don’t lie to your new date about your divorce, be transparent so they know what they’re getting into.

Hire a New York Divorce Attorney

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