Fun Activities to Do During Visitation

3 Activities to Try During Visitation

When you’re co-parenting, finding things to do when you have the kids for visitation can be exciting. It can be fun to do activities they’re familiar with, or try something new together!

Create memories with your children and give them something to look forward to on their next visit with these activities.

1. Play Your Favorite Games

You can never go wrong with doing something that you and your kids are familiar with and enjoy. Try playing your favorite games together like board games card games, and video games!

If you don’t have any games that you know your children will enjoy, try taking them to pick out a fun game together. Choosing a new game that you all enjoy, will present an opportunity to start new family game traditions that you can play for years to come.

2. Take a Short Trip

Depending on the type of custody agreement you have, your visitation arrangement may allow you to take your children on a quick and fun vacation. For your first vacation, try taking a trip that’s not too far from where your ex lives so you can stay in close contact with them if there are any emergencies.

Taking trips is a great way to bond with your children by getting one-on-one time with them. You can take this opportunity to learn things about them that you didn’t know before and also expose them to new experiences.

3. Go On an Educational Tour

While you want your kids to have as much fun as possible, educational tours can be fun too! Go to a museum, an art gallery, zoo, aquarium, or other places that offer memorable experiences and are beneficial to your child’s education.

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