Divorce Statistics in the United States

Is your perception of divorce in the country based on facts or on myths and word of mouth? What you believe about divorce might not actually be in line with the truth. Recently, research indicated that one divorce occurs approximately every 13 seconds, ranking our nation in sixth place on a global divorce scale. However, you should not take these statistics to mean that it is impossible to sustain a committed and fulfilling marriage. With an understanding of the risk factors, you and your spouse will be able to counteract them and work toward making your marriage divorce-proof.

Take the time to read the data below to glean insight into how you can be more proactive in protecting the longevity of your marriage:

  • Divorce is more common among spouses who are still in the early years of their marriage: It is estimated that about 80% of couples head for divorce within the first four to five years of their marriage due to a decreased passion and excitement in the relationship. Additionally, as more demands arise and require attention, the spark a couple had during their courtship can begin to diminish. Couples can try to avoid this pattern by prioritizing their emotional connection and physical chemistry regularly.
  • Mental health issues can complicate a marriage: If one or both spouses are struggling with depression, substance abuse, or another mental health issue, the risk of divorce can increase exponentially. This challenge can be combatted with professional therapy, which can stabilize the marriage and teach both spouses to support each other’s needs.
  • Education levels can play a role in the risk of divorce: Oftentimes, academics can play into the success of a marriage. In fact, based on various divorce studies, if one has earned an undergraduate degree, he or she has a better chance of a longer lasting marriage. Moreover, when both partners have the same academic leverage, there is generally a better sense of equality in the marriage.
  • Children are not a solution for marriage improvement: One of the greatest misconceptions is that children can restore a struggling marriage. However, the truth is that 50% of children in North America experience parental divorce before reaching the age of 18. While certainly, some spouses try to keep the marriage together for the sake of their children, child-rearing is hardly an antidote for marital issues. Instead, it can lead to more discontent in the future and ultimately undermine your partnership.
  • Your parents’ marital status can sometimes influence your own future: In some cases, if a spouse’s parents divorced, their own chances of instability might increase since he or she will have absorbed the message that commitment and unification are not sustainable. This can certainly strain a couple’s future, but everyone is in charge of his or own destiny, so break the cycle with trust and resilience even when your impulse tells you to quit.

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