Information on Changing Your Name After a Divorce

It is common for one spouse to change their name immediately after a divorce. However, many people do not understand the process of doing so. To help, we have answered some questions, which can be found below.

1. How do I change my last name back to my maiden name?

  • This can differ from state to state. In New York, most divorce decrees will contain a court order that recognizes a name change. If this happens during your divorce, the process has already completed and will be official once the divorce is finalized.
  • To change your name on any legal documents, bank accounts, and identification cards, retrieve a copy of that court order to supply proof of your name restoration.

2. What if my divorce decree does not include a maiden name restoration?

  • If your divorce has been finalized and did not contain a court order addressing a name change, you can file a file an FL-395 Ex Parte Application for Restoration of Former Name Entry of Judgment and Order.
  • If this application is approved, the judge will sign the form and you will receive a certified copy to use as proof of your name restoration.

3. Can I change my children’s last names to my maiden name, too?

  • The answer to this question varies on a case-by-case basis. In most situations, a judge will consider the best interests of the children. Most of the time, this includes the following factors:
    • The age of the children
    • The strength of the mother’s and children’s relationship
    • The amount of time the child has used the father’s name
    • The negative impacts of changing the children’s names
    • The positive effects of changing the children’s names

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