Kenneth Eiges Comments on New York Times Article, "Divorce Funding Firms Help Spouses Expecting Big Payouts"

Very few litigants in a divorce will be able to obtain loans to finance their divorce. Fortunately, in New York the law provides a way to obtain legal fees from your spouse. The spouse with more money is considered the monied spouse.

At the commencement of a divorce, the non-monied spouse can make a motion called a pendente lite motion to obtain legal fees. The law does not want the non-monied spouse to be at a disadvantage in a divorce proceeding.

If the motion is granted, the non-monied spouse will be able to collect legal fees from their spouse. In addition, during the divorce proceeding the non-monied spouse can make additional motions for legal fees. The pendente lite motion can also grant the non-monied spouse maintenance and child support where appropriate.

Instead of looking for a loan, look for an experienced attorney who will file the necessary motions to get your legal fees to litigate. Ate Eiges & Orgel PLLC we ask for an initial retainer of between $10,000 and $25,000. After that, we can litigate your case.

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