Attorney Ken Eiges Represents Bode Miller's Former Girlfriend in Bi-Coastal Custody Battle

Represented by Attorney Ken Eiges, Bode Miller's ex-girlfriend will fight for custody of her 3-month-old son with the Olympic skier. According to news sources, Miller wanted to conduct the custody battle in California, instead of New York, where the child and his mother currently live. The skier's attorney said that "New York is an inconvenient forum." Miller married his current spouse while his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with their son. Allegedly, the athlete pleaded for an abortion when he found out about the pregnancy. Now, Miller wants to fight for parental rights.

"If you look at the [text messages] from Bode Miller to my client, he wanted nothing to do with the baby," Attorney Eiges said. One message from Miller read: Why did you do this to me? Miller and the child's mother met through a high-profile matchmaking service last year. After dating for three months, the client admitted that the relationship was a "match made in hell." According to Miller, the mother moved to New York because of the state's generous child custody laws, which would allow the child to receive support from Miller until he turned 21.

California family law only allows children to receive child support until their 18 th birthday. "Why did she make a very precipitous decision to apply to a college 3,000 miles away?" questioned Miller's attorney, "It's no secret New York does not have a presumption as California does of joint custody." In response, Attorney Ken Eiges explained that the child's mother moved to New York to attend school. "Where my client wants to go to college is in New York. It's her right," he said. A judge is expected to determine which state will host the custody dispute by the end of May. 

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