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The Dangers of Getting a Divorce Without an Attorney

The Dangers of Getting a Divorce Without an Attorney

Why a DIY Divorce May Not Be the Best Option for Your Future

Divorce can get expensive – no one’s arguing that; however, searching for a bargain can end up costing more in the long run. One of the first ways divorcing couples try to save money is through “lawyer-less” dissolutions, also called a “DIY Divorce.” Unfortunately, this is one of the first ways to get an unfair or unrealistic divorce settlement, especially when it comes to your financial security.

Here are a few risks associated to do-it-yourself divorces:

You Don’t Have the Same Legal Knowledge as a Lawyer

Even if you’ve faced divorce before, an attorney will understand the nuances of the courtroom processes and how they apply to your case. Compared to a skilled divorce lawyer, the court will probably seem foreign to you.

You Don’t Know How to File a Motion or What It Should Say

Divorce involves a lot of paperwork, and you probably don’t know how to file all of it or when it’s due in court. Certain papers need to be exchanged with your spouse within a specific window of time; others need copies sent to the court; additional documentation may be needed to substantiate your petition. Without an attorney, it’s hard to know when and where your paperwork needs to be filed.

You Could Still Pay Attorney Fees

This might sound unlikely, but you could wind up paying legal fees for your spouse – even if you don’t have an attorney. This is especially true if your lack of legal representation slows down the divorce process, costing your spouse additional fees. In this situation, the court could make you pay for some of the extra expenses.

You Might End Up With an Unfair Divorce

Divorce and family law is complicated. It isn’t as simple as dividing your money in half. This is particularly true if you have children, debt, or valuable assets. Without the right legal experience on your side, you risk getting a bad settlement, which you can only change under qualifying circumstances.

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