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Four Reasons to get a Prenuptial Agreement

Four Reasons to get a Prenuptial Agreement

Many couples are reticent to talk about prenuptial agreements. However, divorce is a prevalent reality in the United States and talking to your partner about prenuptial agreements is a simple way to build openness and honesty in your relationship. Here are four common reasons that couples establish prenuptial agreements:

  1. This isn't your first marriage. If you are remarrying, you probably have a significant number of financial obligations. For example, you may have alimony or child support obligations from your previous marriage. A prenuptial agreement allows you to keep your new spouse free from any obligations associated with your previous marriage.
  2. Your spouse has accumulated a large amount of debt. If your soon-to-be spouse has collected a large amount of debt, it is important to make sure that your marriage does not leave you with outstanding financial obligations. In the event of a divorce, you could be left dealing with some of your spouse's debt. A prenuptial agreement allows you to remain debt-free.
  3. You are significantly wealthier than your future spouse. If you have more financial assets than your future spouse, a prenuptial agreement ensures that (in the event of a divorce) your financial assets will be protected. Additionally, a prenuptial agreement guarantees that your partner loves you for yourself - not your money.
  4. You have significantly less money than your future spouse. Prenuptial agreements can protect the poorer spouse, too. In the event of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement can address issues like spousal support to guarantee that you are financially protected.

If you have questions about prenuptial agreements, talk to a New York divorce attorney from Eiges & Orgel PLLC. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to helping families and individuals navigate the complex legal issues surrounding marriage, divorces and other family law matters. Contact us today to see what a NYC divorce attorney can do for you.


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