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Scott and his team are amazing.

Scott and his team are amazing. Scott is patient, professional and knowledgeable. I was in a bitter divorce battle that lasted over years. Scott helped me through every step of the way, especially during those pretty dark moments where you felt like you hit the bottom. Because of Scott and his team's persistence, I was successful in securing my residence and my child's custody. The tremendous impact Scott and his team on my life is something I will always be grateful for. Because of them, I am now able to build a meaningful relationship with my child in my own house. I would recommend Eiges and Orgel without any hesitation.

Scott is a very knowledgeable attorney who represented me in ...

Scott is a very knowledgeable attorney who represented me in my recent divorce case. He was easy to work with as was very kind and caring. Not only did he seem to care deeply about my case, he cared about me as a person and how I was handling all of the stress involved (the divorce, custody, and my financial situation). He is definitely someone you want on your side to help you through this difficult time. He was always available on the phone or by email, and he even gave me his cell phone number. He responded to my emails promptly and even answered my calls on the weekends. Above all I am very appreciative that for all the work he did and how he helped me through my divorce. I genuinely felt he and his office cared for me and my children. I highly recommend him.

Mr. Eiges is wonderful person and lawyer.

This solely my opinion. Mr. Eiges is wonderful person and lawyer. He did everything in his power to complete my case with the sole purpose of saving me as much money as possible and making sure I would be happy with the outcome. There was a day I was really upset and Mr Eiges bought my mother and I coffee and didn't charge me for it on my bill, nor did he charge me for the extra time spent drinking the coffee and discussing my case. He is a lawyer that cares about his clients and knows the limits of what the law allows. I'm glad I had him on my side (even though I was always angry, and upset, and yelling all the time). And, although he does need a reminder from time to time, I would obtain his services again. FOR THE MEN - Be prepared, the Family court and Supreme court system are usually on the mother's side. If you can not prove she's crazy, a danger to the kids and her self or depressed, you've lost. Doesn't matter who your lawyer is. Mr Eiges will help you finish the case as fast as possible and will try his best to stay with in budget. My case was almost 2 years. I know it's hard (Trust me I know), but, kids grow up (It took me 2 years to realize that). Be the best dad you can be. Don't be a dead beat. As they grow, enforce it in their minds that you will always be there for them and that you are only a phone call away. Paying child support and living expenses will become difficult, but, you can get a divorce without having to pay you ex every 3 years (Mr. Eiges did everything in his power for this to happen). I gave up a few freedoms, but, it will be well worth it in the long run and my boys know who I am and how much I love me.

Mr. Eiges is very a patient and a very knowledgeable ...

Mr. Eiges is very a patient and a very knowledgeable attorney. He works very closely with me on my custody and divorce case. He guided me with the most professional legal advice through the difficult time. In the beginning, I hired another attorney but he was not professional in the custody case. After doing some research, I decided to hire Mr. Eiges to represent me instead. Although my case was not going easily initially, finally we got it settled. Mr. Eiges and his colleagues have done an excellent job on my case, and I highly appreciated his assistance. And he has tried to keep my legal cost low. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for help.

The BEST Attorney any client would hope for

My divorce from a wife, who thought she found a "diamond-maker" was not going to be easy. I made up my mind to retain Kenneth Eiges before I even met him "in person". I had consulted with several divorce attorneys, when a friend suggested I call Ken. I called and spoke with Ken on the phone. His forthright answers and respectful manner in communicating throughout our discussion won my heart. I am happy I listened to Ken and followed each of his advice. In the end I got almost everything I had hoped for. If it were not for Ken Eiges and his team, I don't know what would have happened to a nest I took many years to build. I shall forever be grateful to Eiges & Orgel.

If all divorce attorneys had the spirit of Kenneth "Ken" ...

If all divorce attorneys had the spirit of Kenneth "Ken" Eiges, cases would not drag on. I retained Ken Eiges within minutes of consulting with him. Relocation which other attorneys had told me was impossible, happened because of Attorney Eiges. Monies which my husband did not divulged in his Statement of Net Worth were discovered--leading to my husband filing 3 amended Statements each time Ken and his team would discover. Ken has never raised his voice even when the "heat is on" in all of the 4-way meetings. His outward disposition and calmness should not be misconstrued for weakness. He is a seasoned negotiator and a fierce litigator. That's why I am living the life I am enjoying today--all because of Ken Eiges. I highly recommend Attorney Eiges.

I am happy that I retained Attorney Eiges--to work on my ...

After interviewing several attorneys, I am happy that I retained Attorney Eiges--to work on my divorce--that was finally settled last month. He was polite, professional, and caring during a stressful time. The best part was that he was realistic and honest with me about my situation, which helped to ease my concerns. I also tend to ask an excessive amount of questions and Ken was more than helpful as well as patient when answering them.

Ken is an exceptional negotiator as well as a trial ...

After interviewing 3 attorneys and going nowhere, I finally consulted and retained Ken Eiges on the same day I first met with. He has an exceptional listening quality and takes notes. I am one to ask in depth questions, which the 3 attorneys, whom I had consulted with, found to be challenging; but NOT Ken. He answered all of my concerns. "No one knows your story better than you the client", Ken commented "while you explain, I will carefully listen and take notes and then we can discuss, is that OK? There and then, I knew he's the right attorney for me. During my divorce, Ken and his Partner made themselves available. Their very professional staff recognized me as soon as I called. My calls were returned within 24 hours and when Ken was unavailable, I received calls from his office--letting me know that my calls will be returned and they were indeed returned. Even when the attorney for my husband displayed temper and unruly behavior, Ken would remind us that the parties did not hire the two attorneys to add unpleasantness to their divorce but to work in the best interest of each client, and serve the best interest of our children. Ken is an exceptional negotiator as well as a trial attorney. With all the finance involved, my divorce was not easy! When my divorce was concluded, my ex-husband commented to me, what a decent and respectful attorney Ken Eiges is. Ken is man of integrity.

My first meeting with Ken was both enlightening and ...

I consulted with Ken Eiges about my divorce after a friend recommended him to me. I was worried because my ex-husband threatened to go for full custody and our house. It was all such an overwhelming experience because hiring an attorney was way out of my depth. Furthermore my ex-husband was probably retaining a team of lawyers since his job puts him in constant contact with other attorneys. My first meeting with Ken was both enlightening and comforting. He carefully explained the subsequent steps that I needed to take and my chances of winning. Just having someone listen to me and create a successful plan was relief in and of itself. I decided to hire him and long story short I have full custody of my kids and the house. I feel indebted to Ken because without him I don't know what would have happened. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Compassion, professionalism, integrity and expert guidance ...

Compassion, professionalism, integrity and expert guidance are just some words that came to my mind when mentioning Eiges & Orgel PLLC. I worked with Mr. Orgel and his team during my divorce and I have to say they really give lawyers a GOOD name.Hearing some of the divorce horror stories, I was extremely stressed, lost and scared when I started this process. When I called Eiges & Orgel PLLC, I was surprised that the receptionist immediately transferred me to an actual attorney to answer my questions. Mr. Orgel was clear and professional on the phone, and addressed some of the basic divorce 101 questions right away. I could tell he was not rushing me on the phone, and it was not about a “sales” call where the attorneys just want to get you to their office and start charging fees. I am really glad that I signed up with Eiges & Orgel. My case involves child custody, property division, and unfortunately, a not so amicable ex. Mr. Orgel was knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding. He is firm and aggressive when necessary, and always discloses the full picture before a decision is reached. There are numerous times Mr.Orgel has helped me in moments of panic, usually when my child is involved, even if it means after work hours and weekends. Nothing was too trivial or detailed to be addressed. If needed, Mr. Mr. Orgel "magically" translates them into legal terms so they could be appropriately handled in the court of law. Mr. Orgel and his team truly care about their clients, and what they are going through in this difficult time of their lives. Mr. Orgel and his team have been there for me every step of the way. Mr. Orgel has kept me calm during some desperate and difficult times.When your lawyer is on the phone with you all the way through on a weekend morning because you are going through a custody crisis, you know you have someone good. I cannot thank Mr. Orgel and his team enough for what they have done for me. There are many attorneys out there, but you want to choose someone who puts your interests first, and genuinely cares about YOU. Without any hesitation, I recommend Eiges & Orgel PLLC, wholeheartedly.

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