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Why Should I Establish the Paternity of My Child?

Establishing paternity is beneficial for mothers and fathers. If you are a mother, establishing paternity allows you to seek child support. If you are the father, establishing paternity allows you to seek visitation rights or even custody of your child. Paternity does not guarantee these rights – it simply allows you to pursue them in court. If you are ready to establish the paternity of your child, a New York City divorce lawyer at Eiges & Orgel, PLLC can help you understand your options.

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Safeguard Your Rights as the Biological Father

If your child was born out of wedlock, you may have to take legal action to establish yourself as the father. When a child is born to married parents, the law presumes that both spouses are the natural parents of the child. If the marriage ends in divorce, the court will recognize the rights of both parents in respect to the children. But if you and the mother were never married, you may find yourself in a difficult position when seeking to assume your role as a parent.

Unmarried fathers who face opposition from the mother in being involved with the children can get help from a New York divorce attorney. Your attorney can help you file a petition with the court to obtain legal recognition as a father. This may require you to get a DNA test for you and the child. Once you have been named as the father, you will have an opportunity to seek child custody or visitation rights. Our firm will do everything we can to remove any barriers in your way.

Protecting Mothers’ Rights in Paternity Actions

Eiges & Orgel, PLLC also represents mothers' rights during a paternity action. If you are seeking to prevent an abusive or dangerous individual from obtaining the rights of paternity, we can fight on your behalf. You may also want to prove that a man who denies paternity is the father in order to obtain needed child support. Whatever the case, we will consult with you about your objectives in order to best serve your interests. We provide personalized service to our clients.

Prenatal & Postnatal DNA Testing Options

There are a variety of paternity tests, which be divided into two groups: prenatal and postnatal DNA tests. Prenatal tests are conducted before the child is born and are usually more expensive than postnatal testing. Postnatal DNA testing is also less complicated, and usually involves a simple cheek swab, blood test or umbilical cord collection test.

There are three types of prenatal DNA testing:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)
  • SNP Microarray

Amniocentesis testing is conducted in the second trimester of pregnancy. In this procedure, doctors use an ultrasound and needle to extract a small amount of amniotic fluid. CVS testing will not be performed without doctor consent. In this test, the doctor inserts a thin tube or needle through the mother's cervix to collect a small sample of chorionic villi.

This sample is tested to determine who the child's biological father is. SNP Microarray is a less invasive form of testing. Instead or inserting a needle in the mother's womb, this type of test determines who the child's father is by examining the child's DNA as it is found naturally in the mother's bloodstream. This DNA test is approximately 99.9% accurate.

How Much Does DNA Testing Typically Cost?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, paternity testing usually costs between $400 and $2,000. Cost is typically determined by location and the type of test. Although you may be able to find less expensive options, it is important to choose an accredited testing center or laboratory. According to the American Pregnancy Association, facilities that are AABB accredited are recommended. Test results are usually available within several days.

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