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Defending Mother's Rights in New York Divorce

In years past, a mother's rights in divorce were traditionally granted a high priority by the courts, but more recent developments in family law mean that you may not receive a favorable settlement without a fight. The father's rights movement has led to a situation where the court is less likely to grant full child custody to the mother by default, but will usually rule in the direction of shared custody. You may also have a harder time ensuring that you receive enough child support and spousal support to meet your needs. While it used to be safe to assume that the mother would keep the house, it is now more probable that you will have to engage in negotiation or litigation over the issue of property division.

If you are a mother and you want to end your marriage while putting yourself in the best position to raise your children, you should speak with a knowledgeable NYC divorce attorney about your priorities in the case. The most effective thing you can do to increase the likelihood that your divorce settlement will provide for your ability to comfortably fill your role as a mother in the years after ending your marriage is to work with an attorney who is willing to fight to protect your interests. Some women will stay in an unhappy marriage, even one with domestic violence, out of concerns that they won't be able to provide for the children on their own. You can get the help of the court to ensure that you divorce works well for you and your children.

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The court's rulings on matters of custody and visitation will be aimed at serving the needs of the children, and it is usually possible to argue that this means living with the mother. At Eiges & Eiges PC, we understand how important it is to you to defend your rights as a mother, and we will do whatever possible to achieve your goals. We focus on building personal relationships with our clients, and you will be working directly with the attorney who represents your case. One of our standards is to provide a level of understanding and respect that would inspire you to recommend us to your friends and family, and we look forward to serving you.

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